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More Good News for Inherent Lies!

Once more, Inherent Lies has been named a finalist for Romance Writers of America®’s 2019 Golden Heart® Award. ?

Nominees were notified by phone on March 21st and winners will be announced at an awards ceremony during the RWA® National Convention in New York City. ?

This is the final year for the Golden Heart® contest and I am excited and honored to share a place among the incredibly talented finalists this year. I am confident that this news will bring me one step closer to the day I can share Liv and Ridge’s story with all of you. ?

Must Read: VERITY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ by Colleen Hoover

First review of 2019 ?, and the book is gold!

This may be Hoover’s first foray into the dark and dangerous world of adult psychological thrillers, but oh, what a deliciously dark and thrilling ride it is. From the opening image, Hoover ropes us in, connecting us with the main character, Lowen Ashleigh, a mid-list author on the verge of financial ruin. of her shell by an encounter with Jeremy Crawford, husband of famed (and sadly incapacitated) author, Verity Crawford.

In need of cash and intrigued by her meeting with Jeremy Crawford, husband of famed (yet sadly incapacitated) author, Verity Crawford, Lowen reluctantly agrees to finish Verity’s successful series. She heads to the Crawford home to sift through years of Verity’s notes and outlines. What she finds in Verity’s office changes everything.

VERITY is ripe with equal parts sexual tension and creep factor. Keeping me up long into the night, I was second guessing what was bound to happen next, when I should have been sleeping. However, every moment was time well spent, and I was sad to close the final page. This unputdownable thriller should be required reading on every nightstand, but I promise it won’t stay there long. Hoover has struck gold with VERITY, and I sure hope this isn’t her last effort in this genre. She has upped the bar and created a perfect subgenre in the process – deliciously dark romantic psycho-thrillers.