Snow Day Satisfaction

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In the life of this teacher, there are few mornings that compare to the moment the trill of my ringtone blasts through the silence of my five AM house to alert me to the impending, yet unexpected, snow day. When I was a child those days were blessings from above, a chance to spend extended […]


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A Gentle Reminder

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Teachers work hard. No matter how you feel about the profession or those in it, one thing is for certain. Good teachers put in many hours and go above and beyond to make the lives of their students more memorable. None of us went into the profession hoping to satisfy our state department of education […]


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Stress vs. Passion

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This quote puts so many things in my life in perspective. Dream big, my friends, and WRITE ON! (Originally posted on



Rant of the Week

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As many of you know, I am a full time teacher. Most of the time it is a career that brings me some amount of joy. I enjoy working with the students. I love getting to know their likes and dislikes, their goals and their fears. All of that inspires me. However, government regulations keep […]