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When the Past Comes Calling

My mother has been in clean out mode. I’m not sure what spurred her interest of ridding their home of all mementos of my school days…perhaps the fact that I just turned 43 and haven’t been in school under their roof for a quarter of a century. Who knows? Anyway, she’s turned up some gems and I just had to share her most recent find.

These notes were attached to an autobiography I made in fourth grade. It’s funny. I don’t remember this having an impact on me at the time. But some thirty-plus years in the future, as I approach the release of my debut novel, Inherent Truth, it seems clear. A teacher’s words can be prophetic. Maybe I should’ve listened sooner!

A Gentle Reminder

Teachers work hard.

No matter how you feel about the profession or those in it, one thing is for certain. Good teachers put in many hours and go above and beyond to make the lives of their students more memorable. None of us went into the profession hoping to satisfy our state department of education (although it has become a necessary evil). We chose this profession for one reason, and one reason only… to enrich the lives of students.

The one downfall to this, however, is that we rarely get to see the impact we’ve had on their lives. Students get older, move on to the next grade, until eventually, we are but a speck in their memory. Hopefully, a speck they remember fondly, but still… you get the point.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of those rare moments of gratification. I was mentioned in the acknowledgments of a student’s novel.

“The last person I would like to thank is Mrs. Anthony. She brought NaNoWriMo to [our] school.”

-Joshua, 4th Grade Student at London Elementary School

It’s nothing more than a blurb, but I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy that kind of thing makes me feel. That one line makes all the extra effort worthwhile. And since today I’ll be opening up sign ups at our school for Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it seems my young friend had perfect timing.

Thanks, Joshua, for proving that what we do makes a difference. You rock, my friend! And remember…