Stress vs. Passion

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This quote puts so many things in my life in perspective. Dream big, my friends, and WRITE ON! (Originally posted on



A Walk Down Memory Lane

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One morning, many years ago, a little red-haired girl stood at the top of a flight of stairs, rubbing her eyes and yawning the remnants of sleep away. Her stuffed turtle was clutched in her little fist as she descended the stairs toward the scent of freshly fried bacon and homemade pancakes. That little girl […]


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Happiness is… Newly Discovered Kittens

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On Monday, we came home from school to find kittens tucked away in the feed room of our barn. Those of you who live on a farm know that unexpected baby animals don’t always make it. Over spring break, Jillian’s rabbits had a litter of four kits, all of whom perished on that frigidly cold […]


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The Best Daughter in the World

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Yes, that’s right. I do have the best daughter in the world. (Argue all you want, to me she’ll always be number one.)  🙂 I often find myself bemoaning the fact that Jillian struggles with so many aspects of life. Be it academia or the world of sports, it constantly seems to be a struggle. […]


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Blog-o-Rama, Day 18: Want

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I felt myself becoming one of those moms today. You know the ones, the moms who nag at their children at sporting events as the child puts forth as much effort as she can muster. Yeah. That was me today at Jillian’s swim lesson. And I’m far from proud of my behavior. Okay, so what […]