Inherent Lies

Leaving Cascade Hills for Dublin, Ireland was supposed to help Liv Sullivan heal from the night Ridge McCaffrey left her to fend for herself against a madman. But after honing her gift to sense energy through touch, as a cold-case consultant for the Dublin Garda, Liv uncovers a personal connection to the dead women whose spirits seek to avenge their untimely fate.

Undercover Federal Agent, Ridge McCaffrey, regrets the night he chose duty over the woman he loved. A mistake that nearly ended in Liv Sullivan’s death. So, when a missing person’s investigation in the small Ohio town of Cascade Hills reveals a link to Liv, Ridge pours his soul into bringing her home, hoping for a second chance with the Bureau’s most valuable asset.

As Ridge and Liv fight to rekindle their relationship, an enemy looms dangerously close, threatening not only their future, but the lives of those they hold most dear.