Month: May 2013

Blog-o-Rama Day 4: In My Cup


This beautiful Imperial glass belonged to my grandmother. I never actually saw her use it. It sat in a glass front cabinet in her formal dining room. I wonder if she ever filled it up and sat back in a comfy chair with a sigh. If she did, I wonder what drink she chose. Tonight, I’m drinking Beringer Red Moscato. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is fruity and delicious.

As I sit here pondering the inheritance of this stemware, I realize just how much I don’t know about my grandmother. I loved her more than words can express, and I miss her warm wisdom daily. I regret I never got the opportunity to know her more as a woman, and less as a grandmother. She was an irreplaceable grandmother, so she must have been an irrepressible woman.

Here’s to you, Grandmother. You will forever be in my heart.

Blog-o-Rama Day 3: This Is Really Good!



Ahhh… There’s nothing better on a Friday evening than an Anthony-Thomas fundraiser Caramel Candy Bar and a Guinness. Perfect partners, indeed! The Redbox rental of Silver Linings Playbook makes it even sweeter. Of course, I’ll need to put in some extra exercise time to counter the effects of that delicious candy, but it will be well worth it! What is your favorite Friday night snack?

May Blog-o-Rama, Day Two: Morning Ritual



My morning ritual varies a great deal depending on whether or not I have to go to work. Today was unusual for a Thursday. My family and I were home from work today for a sad occasion. My husband’s grandfather passed away and today was his funeral and graveside ceremony. So, my morning ritual was more like my weekend ritual, which generally includes a breakfast of either pancakes or French toast (today was French toast), coffee, and time spent alone with my computer. Although the day was a sad one, it was spent with family and friends celebrating the life of a wonderful man. I hope he would have liked my French toast!

May Blog-o-Rama!


Since today is May first, I have assigned myself a new challenge. Each day this month I will blog according to the ideas listed on this image. So today’s blog post is… Uh-oh… I guess I’m not starting off so well. You see, I didn’t buy a thing today. Actually, for me that is a great thing!! Doug will be so happy with me! Oh, well… Until tomorrow, my friends.

Emotion: To Save It Up or Let It Flow

I am a cryer. Anyone who knows me well, knows this about me. I cry over the big things and the things that seem so insignificant it is ridiculous. (I most recently spent the end of the movie Parental Guidance with tears streaming like rivers down my face. Wasn’t that supposed to be a comedy?) So I guess you could say that I am flabbergasted by those strong souls around me that can refrain from shedding tears when emotional events occur in their lives. I keep expecting those people to someday just explode, all of their pent up emotion showering down on those around them like monsoon rain showers in Cambodia.

So, that is the question I’d like to pose to all my fellow bloggers and followers out there. Is it better to save up all that emotion or let it flow whenever the mood strikes? Here’s the thing, though… what if it doesn’t seem as if you are purposefully saving it up. What if the urge to cry really never comes? What does that mean?