The Best Daughter in the World

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Yes, that’s right. I do have the best daughter in the world. (Argue all you want, to me she’ll always be number one.)  🙂 I often find myself bemoaning the fact that Jillian struggles with so many aspects of life. Be it academia or the world of sports, it constantly seems to be a struggle. […]


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Geneology and Crazy Dreams

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Well, I think we’ve established that I’ve got some work to do when it comes to frequent blogging. But, the past it the past, so let’s move on! Several weeks ago I bought a Groupon that gave me a good deal on one of’s new DNA tests. I spit into the tube and sent […]



Blog-o-Rama, Day 18: Want

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I felt myself becoming one of those moms today. You know the ones, the moms who nag at their children at sporting events as the child puts forth as much effort as she can muster. Yeah. That was me today at Jillian’s swim lesson. And I’m far from proud of my behavior. Okay, so what […]



Blog-o-Rama Day… uh… 16: Mailbox

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Well, for those of you who’ve been keeping tabs (although bittersweet, I don’t think there are that many of you) I’ve missed a few days. I could go on about why I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties, but the mundane drivel of my everyday existence may bore you to tears. Regardless, today’s prompt was, “mailbox”. […]


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Blog-o-Rama Days 11 & 12: Smile & A Mother

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I decided to combine these two prompts because they seem to go hand in hand. My mother has rejoiced in my happiness and helped wipe away my tears, making her inextricably linked to my smiles, and since today is Mother’s Day, it seemed like a perfect fit. I chose this picture because it captured a […]


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